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Lefebvre, H., Levert, M.-J., Lefebvre, J. (2006) E-learning Course for Health Professionals: a Success. In APRIEF, INRP (Eds.), Actes de la 8e Biennale internationale de l’éducation et de la formation, Lyon, France. (In French)

In 2004, five teams conducted a study seeking to evaluate the impact of an e-learning training course on the clinical practice of health professionals. The course aim was to promote the acquisition of skills in family intervention for professionals to better support resilience of people living through complex health situations and their families. This course takes a reflexive pedagogical approach. This approach implies that learning is an active process involving the co-building of knowledge. Roles are upturned because the teachers become guides who propose activities for which the learners choose their course and reflect on their personal needs in order to reach a common group objective. Individual experience is inherent to learning. It is an active process where knowledge is built through the interaction between the participants, the teachers, and the environment. Professionals learn from their experiences, within their experiences and with their experiences, in a given environment, in relation to other professionals. 17 health professionals in traumatology were trained. In addition to theoretical modules, the teachers shared their ideas in a thematic discussion group whose objective was to stimulate exchanges and clinical reflections. During the 15 weeks of training, professionals took part in 5 case study workshops and clinical exchanges. The training was evaluated through a questionnaire and semi-structured, individual interviews, pre- and post-training. Results show that the professionals developed a purposiveness in their clinical practice. This course is an excellent educational tool, promoting an evolution of reflexive thinking, on the professional and personal levels, as well as in interdisciplinary work.