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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Welcome to the TBI INFO Web site

The TBI INFO Web site has been designed by Hélène Lefebvre, RN, Ph.D., Faculty of Nursing, University of Montreal, in collaboration with experts, stakeholders and researchers in the field of rehabilitation. The site provides information on a variety of subjects in response to the interests and questions of persons who have had traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), their family and friends, and their caregivers.

The site has been developed to foster knowledge sharing among persons with TBIs, their informal and formal caregivers, managers and researchers.

The website is offered as a Québec reference on TBIs, a source of information on the most recent scientific developments, community-based resources and other tools, and a place where everyone concerned with brain injuries can share their experiences.

Support from several partners allows us to continually develop the site. Its content meets established quality standards for health information sites on the Internet.

The TBI INFO Web site has been made possible by financial assistance from the Réseau Provincial de Recherche en Adaptation-Réadaptation (REPAR) and the Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation (CRIR).