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What impacts can a TBI have on loved ones?

At the personal level

•Anxiety, worry




•Fear of facing aggressive behaviour


•Loss of sexual desire

•Lack of intimacy

•Loss of identity

•Sadness for self and loved one

•Sense of loss of control or of powerlessness

•Sense of competency or incompetency

•Lack of time

•Loss of future projects and hope

•Physical and emotional exhaustion

•Job loss or readjustment of work schedule

•Less frequent recreational activities

Within the family

•New roles within the family unit and with one’s children

•Greater responsibilities

•The care that must be provided to the brain-injured person

•The spouse becomes a caregiver

•The brain-injured person becomes dependent

•Financial difficulties

•A change in lifestyle

•Family conflicts

•Resurgence of pre-TBI conflicts between family members


•Isolation within the social network and family system

•Low self-esteem linked to impaired physical appearance or an inability to resume studies or professional activities

•Break-down in the relationship because the person has changed

•Misunderstanding and rejection from friends, family and/or relatives with respect to the brain-injured person’s erratic behaviour

•Difficult intimate relationships