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O’Mahony, P.G., Rodgers, H., Thomson, R.G., Dobson, R., & James, O.F. (1997). Satisfaction with information and advice received by stroke patients. Clinical Rehabilitation 11 (1), 68-72.

Objective: To determine levels of satisfaction with information and advice received about stroke disease and relevant issues by community-dwelling stroke survivors. Design: An interview questionnaire survey. Setting: A family health services authority area in northern England. Subjects: Stroke survivors identified by a valid screening questionnaire from a stratified random sample of 2000 subjects aged 45 years and over. Main outcome measure: Proportion of subjects interviewed responding positively to the question ’Do you think you have received enough advice and information on ...?’ eighteen topics considered relevant to stroke survivors. Results: The screening process identified 116 stroke survivors, of whom 76 agreed to be interviewed. The majority (> 80%) of patients were satisfied with information and advice received on lifestyle and health promotion issues, incontinence and their current treatment. However, satisfaction was poor for the areas of stroke disease in general, its effects, available services, and legal and financial affairs (range, 28-75% satisfied). Conclusions: Deficits in the provision of adequate information and advice to stroke patients on relevant issues have beer identified in this study of a representative sample of community-dwelling stroke survivors. These deficits need to be addressed by those providing care for stroke patients in order to improve patients’ satisfaction.