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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Lefebvre, H., Pelchat, D., Swaine, B., Gélinas, I., & Levert, M.-J. (2005) The experiences of individuals with a traumatic brain injury, families, physicians and health professionals regarding care provided throughout the continuum. Brain Injury, 19(8), 585-597.

Primary objective: To investigate the experiences of individuals who had sustained a traumatic brain injury, their families and the physicians and health professionals involved, from the critical care episodes and subsequent rehabilitation. Research objective: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with individuals who had sustained a TBI (n =8) and their families (n = 8) as well as with the health professionals (or service providers) (n = 22) and physicians (n = 9) who provided them care. Main outcomes and results: Results revealed the difficulties encountered by the different people involved, from the standpoint of the readjustment of the individual with the TBI and their family, the relationships among the various actors and the continuity of care. Conclusions: This study brings to light the importance of including the family and the person with a TBI in the care process by calling for their participation and by setting up suitable structures that prioritize a meaningful partnership among the key individuals.