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Lefebvre, H., Pelchat, D., Levert, M-J. (2007). Interdisciplinary family intervention program : a partnership among health professionals, traumatic brain injury patients, and caregiving relatives. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 14(2), 100-13.

Throughout the delivery of care after traumatic brain injury, the type of relationship that develops between the family and the professionals has a major effect on the day-by-day adjustment of traumatic brain injury individuals and their relatives. Seventeen health professionals from different disciplines working with the traumatic brain injury clientele at different stages of the continuum of trauma care underwent training in the form of e-learning to apply the Interdisciplinary Family Intervention Program, or PRIFAM. The study methodology was mixed: participants’ evaluation of the PRIFAM training was assessed through a quantitative questionnaire, whereas their experience and learning were documented in semiguided, qualitative interviews conducted before and after training. The results show that the training stimulated personal and professional reflective thought in participants and fostered the forging of an interdisciplinary partnership. The training had a positive impact on communication between professionals and with the families and helped to develop a sense of self-efficacy among health professionals.