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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Brzuzy, S. & Speziale, B.A. (1997). Persons with traumatic brain injuries and their families: living arrangements and well-being post injury, Social work in health care, 26(1), 77-88

This article discusses an empirical study of 66 single, adult survivors of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) who were either living alone or living with their parents. The researchers determined perceived levels of stress, life satisfaction, family satisfaction, and community integration within the two groups. Survivors, who were typically ten years or more post injury, and selected family members, responded to structured telephone interviews and standardized questionnaires. The findings of the study and their implications point to a need for practice interventions that will reestablish life cycle trajectories and meet developmental needs, as well as reintegrate affected individuals and their families into larger social systems.