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Steensma, H., Den Heijer, M., Stallen, V. (2007) Research note: Effects of resilience training on the reduction of stress and depression among Dutch workers, International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 27:2, 145-159.

This study tests the effects of a resilience training program on (former) employees who are suffering from protracted illness due to stress or burnout. Subjects (N = 20) suffering from long-term illness caused by work stress participated in a six-month training program. The program consists of four stages. In all, nine instruments were used to strengthen the resilience of trainees (e.g., meditation, rational insights, etc.). To evaluate the results of the training, trainees filled out two questionnaires (Utrecht Coping List and Beck’s Depression Inventory) at four points in time, before, during, and at the end of the training period. Trainees demonstrated improvements on effective coping styles and made less use of avoidance and passive reactions. Most trainees were reintegrated successfully in organizations. It is concluded that the resilience training program may be very useful in attempts to reduce the number of (ex-)employees suffering from full or partial disability. Burnout may be cured and/or prevented by participation in the resilience program.