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Sinnakaruppan, I. and D. M. Williams (2001) Family carers and the adult-head-injured: a critical review of carers’ needs, Brain Injury 15(8): 653-672.

Primary objective: To appraise recent literature on the topic of perceived needs of family carers of head-injured adult relatives. MEDLINE (1966-2000), EMBASE PSYCHIATRY (1987-1999), CINAHL (1982-January 2000) and PSYCHLIT (1967-1999) databases were searched. Main outcomes and results: A total of 13 papers were reviewed, of which six employed standardized research methods. The remainder used researcher developed questionnaires. Needs described by carers as important were predominantly related to information Most unmet needs were linked to the provision of emotional support. There were significant differences in the perceived needs and their fulfilment between parental and spousal carers. In addition, unfulfilled needs could be predicted by behavioural problems in patients. Conclusions: The design and variation in methodology of most studies reviewed limits the generalization of reported data. Further research is required to fully identify both common and individual needs of family carers of the head-injured.