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Lefebvre, H., Pelchat, D., & Héroux, M.-C. (2003). Partnership Between Families, professionals, and Administrators: Towards Continuity of Care and Services, Ruptures, revue transdisciplinaire en santé, 9(2), 127-146. (In French)

Changes in the healthcare and social services system have fundamentally changed the way professionals, doctors, and administrators working in hospitals and rehabilitation centres with children with cerebral motor deficit (CMD) and their families practise their professions. A study focused on the continuity of care and services offered to these families was conducted. The study’s aim was to identify the factors that facilitate or impede this continuity. Individual, semi-directed interviews were conducted with the parents of children with a CMD, professionals, doctors, and administrators involved in the cases. Results show that information and the development of a trusting relationship between parents and professionals, doctors, and administrators influence the satisfaction of everyone with regards to the services offered and their accessibility. The results also shed some light on the factors that contribute to inter-institutional, inter-professional, and parent-professional cooperation.