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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Lefebvre, H., Levert, M.-J., Pelchat, D., Lepage, JG. (2008) Nature, sources, and impact of information on the adjustment of family caregivers: a pilot project, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research 40(1), 143-60.

The information conveyed to patients and families dealing with a health problem such as traumatic brain injury or stroke combines with what they already know to form a new pool of knowledge. The aim of this pilot study was to describe the information needs of family caregivers, their sources of information, their strategies for gathering information, and the impact of the information on their adjustment and their relationship with health professionals. Focus groups were held with close relatives of persons who had sustained a traumatic brain injury or a stroke and with health professionals from various disciplines working with theses clienteles. The information needs of relatives concerned the impact of the person’s disabilities on their everyday lives. From the professionals’ point of view, the information needs of close relatives concerned the person’s disabilities, their coping strategies, and their information sources. Life experience was the main source of knowledge. The results form a basis for recommendations regarding interventions in acute care and rehabilitation.