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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Lefebvre, H., Levert, M.-J., Banville F., & Gélinas I. (2006) Portrait of the Needs of Clientele with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury with Persistent Incapacities and the Services. Journal de réadaptation médicale, 26(3), 53-56. (In French)

The treatment and follow-up of persons having a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) represent an important challenge for the healthcare system and insurance companies. However, the repercussions of the interventions on the persons and their close relatives remain little documented. This paper presents the results of a pilot project aiming at describing the adequacy between the persons’ and their close relatives’ needs, and the traumatology services. The methodology is qualitative and the data is collected through focus groups. The sample is constituted of 7 persons having a mild TBI, 5 close relatives, and 19 health professionals working with this clientele. Results show the persons’ and their close relatives’ needs (an early, expert, and long-term follow-up; information; psychological support of close relatives), permit to evaluate how these needs bind themselves in the current services offer.