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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Lefebvre, H., & Levert, M.-J. (2006). Breaking the news of traumatic brain injury and incapacities, Brain Injury, 20(7), 711-718.

Primary objective: This paper presents research results regarding disclosure of traumatic brain injury (TBI) diagnosis and resulting deficits of a study aiming to investigate the experiences of individuals who had sustained a TBI, their families, the physicians and health professionals involved, from the critical care episodes and subsequent rehabilitation. Research design: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with individuals who had sustained a TBI (n = 8) and their families (n = 8) as well as with the health professionals (or service providers) (n = 22) and physicians (n = 9) who provided them care. Main outcomes and results: Results revealed that the quality of the disclosure is strongly influenced by the medical uncertainty surrounding the TBI and the difficulties of healthcare professionals in dealing with the family’s emotions. Conclusions: Delivering bad news is always difficult, but it is possible to make this harrowing experience easier and, in so doing, enhance patient and family resilience.