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Lefebvre, H. (2013) A communication model that promotes the development of a relationship of trust between health care professionals, individuals and their families


Study results show that in situations where the problems presented by persons and their families are unstructured, nurses and health care professionals have difficulty establishing a partnership. This difficulty arises from a problematic communication approach. To remedy this, an approach focusing on unstructured problem resolution centered on the actors (ARPNS) was developed. The frames of reference supporting this approach are: an approach centered on the individual and learning, the ecosystemic model, and the reflexive approach. The process of the ARPNS consists of asking divergent questions in a systemic sequence, and more specifically elucidating all the elements that comprise the problematic situation, followed by a convergence that attempts to identify the primary objective the individual wishes to focus on. The limitations and the conditions for success of the approach are also presented. This model allows the individuals and their families to appropriate the process of the actualization of their life project.

Keywords: problem resolution, communication, intervention, approach centered on the individual, approach centered on learning, patient education.

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