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Everything you always wanted to know about TBI but were afraid to ask.
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Lefebvre, H. (2006). Unstructured Problem-solving Approach Focused on the Actors: Tools for Communication Between the Healthcare Team and Families. Éducation du patient et enjeux de santé, 24(3), 74-79. (In French)

An unstructured problem-solving approach emerged from research and an in-depth reflection, in the hopes of helping the healthcare team better focus it’s intervention on what patients, their families, and close ones are going through and what they need to learn to successfully develop their life plan. The frames of reference of this approach are: an approach centered on the individual and learning, the ecosystemic approach and the reflexive approach. The relational model is the partnership that promotes cooperation between all the actors. The process has thirteen steps based on an examination of the situation of the person with a chronic disease or physical, sensory, or psychological handicaps, in systemic sequence. The conditions of success and the constraints of this approach are also presented.