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Indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels (IVAC)

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The IVAC (Direction de l’indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels) is part of the CSST (Commission de la santé et sécurité du travail), which is responsible for applying the Crime Victims Compensation Act (New window) and An Act to promote good citizenship (New window). The IVAC determines eligibility for compensation and the processes applications for benefits (New window) received.

  1. Application for benefits (New window) This form must be filled out and sent to IVAC.
  2. Authorization to copy a file (New window) Fill out this form so that the IVAC can obtain copies of the required medical and psychosocial files.
  3. Information on the employee’s compensation (New window) This form is filled out by the employer.
  4. Application for reimbursement of expenses (New window) To obtain a reimbursement of expenses incurred (travelling expenses, medication, meals, accommodations) authorized beforehand by the compensation officer for your file. Original invoices and receipts are required.
  5. Agreement to act on behalf of the beneficiary (New window) Must be signed by the person charged with administering amounts paid to a minor or disabled victim. The IVAC will send the information to the public trustee.
  6. Direct deposit (New window) Fill out this form to have amounts paid by the IVAC deposited directly into your bank account.