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How long does it take to recover?


To recover means to make progress as compared to the initial condition, taking into consideration opportunities for improving their condition. Several factors influence the length of recovery following a TBI. Generally speaking, the length of recovery process depends on the systems affected. [1]

• Physical recovery usually occurs during the first six months.

• Intellectual recovery usually occurs over the 12-month period following the TBI.

• Behavioural recovery usually occurs during the first two years after the TBI. The behavioural changes are the most difficult aspect of the TBI for victims and their families.

• Recovery often remains incomplete, with some deficits persisting.

Other factors can be grouped into four categories. [2]

Demographic factors

• Age

• Language

• Culture

• Person’s financial situation

• Marital status: married, single, with or without children

• Profession: labourer, unemployed, professional, etc.

Physical factors linked to the injury

• Severity of the TBI

• Number of symptoms

• Results on the Glasgow Coma Scale (a tool used by the care team to assess the injury’s severity)

• Results of the CT scan (computerized tomography is a technology that uses a series of computerized x-rays to detect brain damage)

• Number of prior TBIs

• Health problems before the injury

• Other injuries due to the accident

• Post-traumatic pain and headaches

Personal and psychological factors (consequences involving emotions and strength of character)

• Mental state before the TBI

• Depression/anxiety after the TBI

Environmental factors

• Presence or absence of a paying agent (SAAQ, CSST)

• Support of family and friends

• Access to care and services