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Fred and his family... The calm before the storm

The family

Laurie heureuse Antoine heureux

•Lauri, 15

•Anthony, 7

Ginette heureuse Denis heureux

•Fred, 47, truck driver

•Karen, 46, hairdresser

After 18 years of marriage, Fred and Karen were leading an active social life and taking dance lessons together on Tuesday evenings. Recently their daughter Lauri’s shenanigans have taken a lot of their time and energy.

Karen and Fred were sharing household tasks in a traditional fashion. Fred was taking care of the “men’s work” and anything to do with the out-of-doors, while Karen was taking care of the home and cooking the meals. Lauri and Anthony occasionally helped with the cleaning, and each was responsible for keeping their room tidy.

Fred and Anthony practised a sport together at least once a week. The family had been dreaming of a cottage in the country for years, and just last week they made an offer on one. Everyone was very happy with the decision.