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After rehabilitation, Fred will not be the same

Ginette blasée

So what you are telling us is that things will never be like they were before…

Laurie affolée

I mustn’t forget to clearly explain to everyone that we mustn’t disturb dad’s routine. He needs to get his coffee at 8:30 in the morning, his toast must be spread with strawberry jam without any of it dripping over the edge, and he must absolutely not be served fruit before he receives his toast, otherwise he won’t eat at all. After breakfast, it’s time for…

Antoine sceptique

He seems to have had enough treatment; I don’t understand why they say that he still needs to see specialists. And he’s almost like he was before.


Each member of the family realizes that Fred will be different in spite of rehabilitation. A TBI is an unforeseen event that turns the person’s life upside-down and changes family dynamics and relationships with loved ones, friends and relatives.

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